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Ocean's 10 friends negotiation model: issues that help establish cooperation
Andrey Tolkachev talks about the method of conducting effective negotiations with representatives of the business community, explains how to build a special chain of issues that allows you to create…

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How I sold cookies to the Russian Army, kindergartens, and major network operators
A businesswoman from Khabarovsk bought a tiny line for the production of cookies. I found a recipe, gathered a team and cheerfully got down to business. And after a couple…

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Features of sales in a beauty salon
Ilya Veitsman describes in detail the features of sales in beauty salons, lists the main problems that exist today in this industry, and gives advice on how to overcome them…

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Consumer vs business: why it is better not to offend the customer

If this material was intended for unscrupulous companies, it could start like this: “more than half of Russians are not ready to sue you.” In the new article, we talk about the real state of things in the modern confrontation between dissatisfied customers and businesses and give advice on how to avoid possible problems with consumers
To understand how the Russians feel about protecting their consumer rights, one intelligence battle was not enough. It turned out that every business owner sees only what is relevant to their product or service. The phenomenon is obvious — if I make dice to order, I see how they are used literally everywhere. Everywhere you look, there are dice! I, as the CEO of the guaranteed litigation Finance service, saw only my clients — those who are simply eager to protect their consumer rights and punish the offending company. My eye was blurred, I had to raise the statistics. I share it with you! Continue reading

What to do with an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct” and Google Ads during the holidays

What to do with an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct” and Google Ads during the holidays
How can businesses prepare their advertising campaigns in Yandex in time?Direct” and Google Ads for long holidays — should I change the ad texts, adjust the budget, or do I need to turn it off so as not to waste money? A new article is devoted to these issues
In the previous article, we already talked about how to make a new year’s announcement and when to start preparing. But with the chiming of the chimes, the demand for seasonal goods and services does not end, and in some subjects, the most active sales begin — restaurants, entertainment centers, and so on. People have a lot of free time to explore online shopping sites and visit offline outlets. Continue reading

5 myths about transport companies that should not be trusted

There are many organizations operating in the international transport and customs logistics market: small or large, owned by individual entrepreneurs or holdings. Each company advertises and promotes its competitive advantages. But when the arguments are real “advantages” that affect the cost and speed of work, and when it’s just a marketing move in pursuit of the client? We offer you a brief tour of the world of logistics to dispel the illusions created by logistics operators
Myth 1. Having your own vehicle is guaranteed to reduce the time and cost of delivery

The classic logic of this statement is approximately the following: “If a company owns cars, it does not need to contact third-party organizations or adjust to their schedule. Continue reading

“Irradiated business”: how radiation treatment prolongs the life of goods

We talk about the practice of radiation exposure of products-tea, sausages, etc. – to protect against microbes and mold; explain how this affects the health of consumers and the shelf life of products
For more than half a century, products that have been exposed to radiation have been used in the world. But we don’t know much about it.

The phrase “radiation exposure” usually causes panic among ordinary people. But the professional use of technology comes to the aid of a person where microbes and bacteria can get into the body and lead to serious infectious diseases. Continue reading

Online store: consumer rights and seller’s obligations

Have you noticed that we have become much bolder in our online purchases? Now we do not take the risk of buying covers with Aliexpress for 30 rubles, and fully order your home food, equipment and clothing. The level of online stores is growing — along with it, the average customer’s receipt and the number of violations in this area are growing. In this new article, we give tips on how online stores work, which will be useful for both buyers and sellers. Customers will learn how to protect their consumer rights if necessary. Sellers will understand what nuances should be taken into account when opening their online store, so as not to get ” under the hot hand»
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5 commandments of the sales Department, or how to grow strawberries
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