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How to create a queue on the opening day of a new coffee shop: the Coffee Like experience
Alexey Gusakov shares tips on offline and online preparation for the opening of a new coffee shop, gives successful and unsuccessful examples of marketing and PR techniques There is a…

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How to use a promotion mix if your business is related to distribution
Yuri Pavlyuk, speaker and consultant for integrated Internet marketing, shares his experience in promoting a distribution company on social networks and using targeted advertising; explains the benefits of a promotion…

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How to conduct a memorable webinar: 3 conditions
Natalia Kuzmenko shares three conditions for organizing and preparing an effective webinar that keep listeners until the end of the speech and motivate them to get feedback Webinars are gaining…

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5 secrets of the “selling” resume from the best sellers

Business coach Olga Westendorp gives five useful tips that will help you create the perfect resume: from the message of “success” of the candidate and the right self-presentation to the speed of response
Judging by the results of 2018 and the statistics of one of the leading job portals, 5-7 employees in an active job search apply for one vacancy in Russia. When publishing a vacancy, the employer receives dozens of responses: on average, up to 95 responses to one open position. In such a situation, choosing which of the applicants to meet personally at the interview, the companies are guided by the credibility of the resume. Continue reading

How to make money on hype: 5 “not”

Onegroup experts, co-authored by Anton Melnikov, Ilya Gromov and Ivan Sidenko, share examples from their professional experience in promoting companies using hype marketing tools, talk about the 5 main prohibitions in successfully planning and implementing an advertising campaign
The ability to catch a hype wave has become a trump card in the struggle of brands for the attention of the audience. High-hype advertising is distributed on a viral basis, allowing you to achieve huge coverage without increasing your budget. However, not all attempts to integrate into a popular context are successful. In fact, in order to “shoot,” an advertising campaign must be built on five “nots.”

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Pygmalion to himself, or How to become the reason for his advancement

Vedagar Morgunov, a mentor in the field of productive public communication, talks about how to independently improve your own status as a professional by changing or adjusting your image, and explains what role the appearance of a modern professional plays in the process of growing up the career ladder and establishing working relationships
I like to be groomed. When the hair is clean, shiny and neatly trimmed. When the skin is slightly moisturized. And also when the suit sits well, and the shoes are not upset on the shoes. Because grooming, in the first place, is an indicator of how a person knows how to save what is created. In untidiness lurks a certain homelessness. About the same as in those homeless people who did not even bother to worry in advance about their overnight stay. Such, as a rule, spend the night where necessary; the main thing is that it should be darker and smaller people. Continue reading

Divide and conquer: 4 tips for working with a client in the service business

Maria Zubareva, Head of Ingate Customer Service Department, shares her professional experience and gives tips on how to improve the process of interacting with clients in the field of service provision: why it is important to hire a separate specialist to collect debts, who should be entrusted with the sales and how not to get bogged down in routine operations
It happens that a client has worked with you for many years, became a friend and brother, and then turned around and went to competitors. And then another, and more. In this situation, it is logical to check the entire business process, starting with the quality of the service provided and ending with communications. But what to do when you have a great product and team, but the customers leave anyway? Continue reading

How does the tax office know that you rent an apartment and don’t pay taxes

Real estate expert Oleg Tsarev talks about how government agencies get information on renting housing and not paying mandatory income taxes
It’s no secret that 70% of apartments on the rental market are rented without taxes. But nevertheless, the tax service manages to find out that people are renting an apartment, and the state does not get any of this. There are many ways to find out about such housing, most of them are random for the owner or, as they can be called, sudden.

The most important are the neighbors. They are different. Firstly, the neighbors on the porch. Unfortunately, fortunately, fortified by communism, many more remain. Continue reading

Shadow purchases of state and municipal companies
Artur Kurbanov talks about the situation with procurement of state and municipal companies in Russia and gives advice to entrepreneurs on how to overcome difficulties on the way to effective…


How to successfully participate in tenders: 5 rules for entrepreneurs
Arthur Kurbanov talks about five rules for entrepreneurs who want to participate in the tender procurement system: from recommendations to carefully study customer documents and terms of reference to purely…


Robots or living people? How customer service will change in the next decade
Elena Stolyarskaya, business coach, customer service expert, talks about the main trends in customer service development in the near future and lists 7 key changes that will affect the online…


Customers make calls but don’t buy: what to do?
Often, in pursuit of compliance with stringent corporate standards, we switch to the language of formal and template expressions. This is correct from the point of view of corporate culture,…