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How to create a queue on the opening day of a new coffee shop: the Coffee Like experience
Alexey Gusakov shares tips on offline and online preparation for the opening of a new coffee shop, gives successful and unsuccessful examples of marketing and PR techniques There is a…

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10 signs of a speaker-sloth: how to understand that someone was not preparing for a speech
Anna Zagumennaya, event director of the PR Partner agency, shares 10 signs of a public speaker’s poor preparedness for speaking - from reading material on a piece of paper to…

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How to love criticism and make your company more creative
Although there is a lot of talk about the benefits of criticism, it is often this word that carries a negative connotation. Dmitry Trepolsky explains how companies can not only…

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Digitalization or death: how Russian retailers fit into the new realities of trade

Venera Shaydullina talks about the digitalization trends of electronic and offline trading, cites the 5 most promising technologies that will have a strong impact on e-commerce in the near future, and gives advice to Russian entrepreneurs on how to get competitive advantages in the new conditions
New Digital Technologies in Electronic Commerce

Global retail sales in e-commerce in 2018 amounted to approximately $ 2.5 trillion, according to forecasts for 2021, their volume will grow to $ 4.5 trillion. The world of digital marketing is developing and changing very quickly due to the global spread of Internet access: both mobile and fixed. And modern information technologies are used on both sides: by both the consumer and the seller. Continue reading

Can trainings “put out the fire of a business”?

Denis Sidenko talks about situations when employees and business executives really benefit from attending a variety of trainings – from time management training to team building skills – and in which cases money will be wasted
“Do not conduct consulting training” – where should there be a comma in this sentence?

For many experienced business consultants, this is a painful issue. That is, there is always a dilemma – to be a professional or to be a performer. In the corporate development market, there are a lot of business trainers-performers. As a rule, they are ordered training, they conduct it and disappear beyond the horizon. Moreover, regardless of the price tag. This can be seen with trainers for 30 thousand rubles (for a training day) and for 300 thousand rubles. Usually they are engaged in pure training and never in consulting. Continue reading

Comparison of direct and reverse franchises: which is more profitable?

Evgeny Dobrinin compares two types of franchises – direct and reverse, lists the advantages and disadvantages of each option and explains which one is more convenient and profitable to work with today
In recent years, reverse franchising has become increasingly popular. Many companies offer it as a way of cooperation, since this model allows you to trade on large areas at minimal cost while maintaining the growth and reputation of the brand. As a result, the reverse franchise is beneficial for both the parent organization and those who collaborate with it.

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“No legs – no cartoons”, or How a business refuses to serve 40 million potential customers

Emma Kairova describes the issue of the low level of business attention – small and large – to the problem of access for people with limited mobility to the entire spectrum of client opportunities – from cafes and restaurants without ramps – to pick-up points of online stores
According to the Ministry of Labor, in the Russian Federation 12+ million people have this or that form and degree of disability – this is more than 8% of the country’s population. And there are more than 40 million people (and 28%) of those who can be ranked as the so-called low-mobility groups (MGN). And this is a huge market share, the interests of which the business traditionally does not take into account when making decisions. Continue reading

How to successfully participate in tenders: 5 rules for entrepreneurs

Arthur Kurbanov talks about five rules for entrepreneurs who want to participate in the tender procurement system: from recommendations to carefully study customer documents and terms of reference to purely utilitarian ones, for example, about opening a special bank account
If you decide, following the current trend today, to expand the market for products you supply or work performed and services provided through participation in tender procedures, then you need to know some important nuances that will help you act more efficiently and avoid stupid, and sometimes – fatal errors.

First of all, you need to know that state and commercial purchases are regulated today by two laws: according to the law 44-ФЗ, state and municipal customers conduct purchases at the expense of budgetary funds, according to the law 223-ФЗ, certain types of commercial organizations are financed at their own expense, unitary enterprises and budgetary institutions. Continue reading

"Millennials choose fresh roasting." What happened to the coffee market in Russia during the year — Poster research
The growth of the "takeaway coffee" format, the filter instead of Americano and the fashion for the hario funnel-the company for automating cafes, restaurants and stores Poster analyzed the purchases…


How to make money on hype: 5 "not"
Onegroup experts, co-authored by Anton Melnikov, Ilya Gromov and Ivan Sidenko, share examples from their professional experience in promoting companies using hype marketing tools, talk about the 5 main prohibitions…


Managing the sales funnel. How to ensure that sales do not forget about customers
Mikhail Haskelberg talks about the problem of balancing process and target indicators in relation to sales work: how to organize the work of sales managers so that the sales funnel…


Consumer extremism: how buyers are "stripped" of the company
The law on consumer protection is one of the most advanced in our legislation. Despite the fact that a huge number of deceived people do not rush to the courts,…