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Who follows the progress of the advertising campaign during the holidays

It depends on who is responsible for promoting your business-you run ads yourself, have a specialist in the state, work with a freelancer or with an Agency. In the first case, it is better to forget about system control and adjustments immediately, because either you will be busy with other things, or you will always have to remember about the task that needs to be done.

In our case, it is the responsibility of the Executive Manager for contextual advertising to fully configure the advertising campaign before the holidays (the mode of impressions on holidays, and so on), as well as checking the advertising campaign once every 1-2 days (statistics, balances) during the holidays.

There are cases when it is impossible to make all the settings in advance and you have to make adjustments during the holidays — for example, a customer may start or end a promotion and need to change the texts\landing in ads. It is possible to reduce / increase budgets for some subjects during holidays and other tasks that cannot be completed in advance.

In this case, there is a compromise — and the specialist makes all the necessary edits in time. Clients are the company’s profit from which employees ‘ salaries are formulated. The responsible specialist periodically checks the advertising campaign, so as not to worry and relax. The process takes a little time, but the results of the promotion in the first half of January depend on it.

Daily edits and analysis of budgets, bids, and negative keywords will undoubtedly bear fruit. Change calls, creatives, and images more often these days. The competition is great, everyone wants to pick up hot customers. Try to come up with something of your own, rather than blindly copying competitors ‘ offers.
At the beginning of the year, lawyers are not popular

Do not change anything for “dead” themes-polycarbonate, legal services, etc., leaving it to work as usual. If you have already analyzed the results of previous years and do not expect any sales, you can stop the campaign in order to save your budget.

But if the budget allows it, and some percentage of people are still looking for your products or services and order after the holidays, then you should not turn off advertising campaigns. Or at least leave it to work at reduced prices per click and reduced restrictions.

What to write about in the ad

Attract attention not only with a bright creative, adding a discount and a call to action to your ad texts. For example, offer a new year’s gift to purchase, a bonus card, or free delivery on public holidays. Users expect new year discounts and special offers from companies, so the conversion rate for such ads is higher.
“Rake” offers to solve problems with cooking on holidays and give cheesecake
There are discounts on bus tours during the new year holidays

You can also play with titles or texts, for example, change the creatives of ads on January 3-4 to the call ” Tired of sitting at home? Are the salads over?! Gather friends and come to us…”if you promote a restaurant or cafe, quests, go-karts, and the like. For a food delivery service, you can focus on diversity, for example, offering a special menu with themed desserts.
A resort in Finland offers a 15% discount on holiday accommodation

Avoid texts with “water” or offers that the company can’t fulfill for various reasons. The attractiveness of a standard ad will drop significantly when competitors ‘ ads with flashy headlines and special offers are displayed next to each other on the search results.

What tasks are set by clients and what does the specialist do

Most customers plan to work on holidays in advance to avoid force majeure. Specialists set up schedules, change creatives, and monitor statistics. But there are times when you need to work with campaigns during the holidays. In such cases, the contractor, who has been working with the client for a long time, meets the requirements by performing the necessary work.

How the work is built:
approval of the ad display schedule;
approval of dates for making adjustments to the advertising campaign — what to change, what to change, and so on, any adjustments-ads, landing pages;
setting up automatic rules for on / off advertising campaigns and display times, changing bids — something that can be done immediately on the last working day before the holidays;
making adjustments for the advertising campaign depending on the approved schedule;
traffic analysis, number and cost of leads. Real-time adjustments can also be negotiated, for example, when there are too many orders and the customer needs to slow down.


Before you leave for the holidays, don’t forget to make a budget or income forecast to see if it’s worth working on holidays or if it’s not profitable for your business. Be sure to confirm with the specialists who are responsible for promotion, all adjustments for the advertising campaign, especially the time of work. And also agree on the possibility of making operational edits during the holidays.

What you need to remember to avoid wasting your advertising budget:
assessment of demand and topics — if a dead topic, then lower the budget or disable advertising, work at full speed will be wasted;
change creatives-create special offers so that users will notice you among competitors;
checking delivery conditions-orders can be placed, but delivery is only on January 9 — waste money, and customers will go to competitors;
analysis of all landing pages before holidays for errors;
check the call center, if there is one, which should answer calls, and not work on a “holiday” schedule.

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