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5 secrets of the “selling” resume from the best sellers

Business coach Olga Westendorp gives five useful tips that will help you create the perfect resume: from the message of “success” of the candidate and the right self-presentation to the speed of response
Judging by the results of 2018 and the statistics of one of the leading job portals, 5-7 employees in an active job search apply for one vacancy in Russia. When publishing a vacancy, the employer receives dozens of responses: on average, up to 95 responses to one open position. In such a situation, choosing which of the applicants to meet personally at the interview, the companies are guided by the credibility of the resume.

Is it possible to make a resume more attractive by applying the knowledge of the best sales specialists? After all, in the end, a resume is also a sales tool: selling yourself to an employer.

Improving the quality of a resume or creating it anew, I recommend setting a goal: to make it a sales person, not an informative one. To achieve this, let’s clarify what characterizes the best sales professionals. Having realized what their success factors are, we will also talk about how this knowledge can be used when creating a resume.

1. The best sellers rely on themselves

It may seem that the most successful employees in the sales department are just lucky: from quarter to quarter and from year to year, they fulfill the plan, receiving high bonuses. In fact, the main difference between successful sellers and their less fortunate colleagues is their attitude to their tasks. The achievement of goals is helped by the recognition that basically the result depends only on them, and not on difficult external circumstances, incompetent management or an overestimated sales plan. That is, the employee sincerely believes that the chance of success is inside him, and not outside.

How to reflect the internal locus of control in a resume

The ability to feel the key to success within oneself is called the internal locus of control. Its presence or absence forms the biography of the employee and is reflected in the resume by itself. To make this quality obvious to the employer, include in the resume the “Achievements” section, indicating specific measurable results with a mention of timelines and facts.

2. Best sellers know what they are selling

To achieve a result in sales, it is important to be able to manage the process and lead, that is, leadership. It requires self-confidence, which, however, does not arise out of the blue. Leadership and confidence consist of many years of experience, fundamental knowledge and the ability to build communication with people.

How to reflect expertise in a resume

Editing the section “Work Experience”, analyze what part of it meets the requirements in the job description. Try to highlight just this part of the experience in your resume. When describing it, use accurate and specific terms from your professional field, reflect causal relationships: what exactly did you do and why.

For example: “Worked with customers” can be specified: “Successfully negotiated with retail outlets in order to expand cooperation,” and replaced the phrase “Led document flow” with “Responsible for archiving documents and optimizing tools for quick access to them.”

3. Top sellers make decisions quickly

It has been proven that the more successful and more earned are not those who analyze and weigh the solution for a long time, but those who decide and act quickly. No need to fuss and worry – it’s better to just develop the habit of making decisions and act promptly.

How to reflect the habit of acting and make quick decisions in a resume

Work in a dynamic business environment requires conducting several tasks simultaneously. The fact that the employee has developed this skill will be indicated by a resume in which there are such words as “timely” (for example, timely completion of a task), “on time” (for example, completion of a project on time).

4. The best sellers do not give up

The modern business environment is dynamic: the market situation is changing daily, the needs and wishes of the client company, introductory notes from the management. Employees who find themselves in the sales department develop a very important quality: flexibility and the ability to remain optimistic in hopeless situations. Savvy, stamina and mobile phone help the best to find a way out of them.

How to reflect resilience in a resume

After writing a resume or motivation letter, carefully re-read it. What words set its tone? Does it contain phrases and sentences signaling hopelessness, humility with the inevitable, career compromises, self-disbelief? Feel free to rephrase them: “I was fired” – “I am in an active job search”, “I was entrusted …” – “I was successfully responsible for …”, “I was transferred to the position …” – “I took on new tasks …”.

5. Best sellers play as a team

There is safety in numbers. Modern business is a team game. The sales departments of well-known companies purposefully develop teamwork skills among employees.

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