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“Dead season” in fitness – experience of overcoming the World Gym network

Olga Kiseleva explains how the fitness center can overcome the “dead season”, explains where to look for ideas and why you should not abuse the “hot” offers
Business in many sectors of the economy is seasonal. And if, for example, for the construction industry or the tourism sector (we do not take ski resorts), summer is the season of mass demand, emergency and lack of vacations for employees, then for the fitness industry, summer is often a dead season, when both the attendance of fitness clubs and the volume of working capital decreases. In this regard, on the one hand, the financial cushion accumulated during the autumn-winter-spring helps to level the situation. on the other hand, we try to create new products, often even at the intersection of industries, which help to level the demand.

One of the tools that most fitness clubs probably use is summer discounts on cards or “summer as a gift” promotions. But this is a mechanism that can lead to a dead end. Many clients of fitness clubs are already used to the fact that in the summer you can buy a cheaper card, and are waiting for this period. As a result, the margin of the business is reduced. Can this tool attract new customers and increase the loyalty of current ones? Definitely Yes. But you need to clearly calculate the cost of attracting new customers with such promotions and the overall profitability of the product.

Various interesting marketing products are much more effective tools. Talk about them.

1. Summer children’s camps. School ends, many kindergartens are closed. And not all parents now have a grandmother in the village, where you can send your child for the summer. Leave him, even more or less adult, alone at home? At best, he will spend all day playing with the computer. At worst, it can get into various emergency situations. And the summer children’s camp in the fitness club is a great way out for many parents.

This is exactly the product that can not be called purely related to the fitness industry. Children in children’s camps are waiting for not only sports activities, but also a large number of creative activities. They walk with them, they are fed, they are busy all day with various interesting activities. At the same time, the cost of one shift in such a camp can be up to the cost of an annual club membership.

And with the help of such a product, we generate additional cash flow, increase the loyalty of both the adult target audience and children, who can also become a member of our fitness club in the future.

Our experience shows that children’s camps in fitness clubs are popular in a variety of locations. World Gym clubs are located all over Russia – from Krasnodar to Irkutsk. And in most of them, we open summer camps for children every year.

2. Fitness tours. Many of our compatriots are tired of all inclusive and passive beach holidays. At the same time, they are not always ready to go on sightseeing tours in pursuit of impressions. Fitness tours are an excellent solution. They can be both General and thematic-yoga tours, Pilates tours, and so on. Such trips allow you to relax in the company of like-minded people with the benefit of your health and beauty. Moreover, since this is a package offer, the cost of the tour itself can be very profitable for the client.

Fitness tours also help attract new clients to the club. And with existing clients, you can create a closer emotional connection, increase loyalty to the club, and create a more friendly atmosphere in the club itself. It’s one thing when the people you work with are completely strangers to you, you meet them once or twice a week. Another is when you spent one or two weeks on vacation together.

A fitness club today is in many ways not only a place where you can play sports, the fitness industry should give emotions and impressions. They will return to places where it is easy, comfortable and joyful.

3. Special cards for three months in clubs with a pool. The motto of this product: “If you can’t afford to spend a vacation at the sea this year, spend it by the pool in a comfortable environment near your home.” Usually the map is formed for the summer period. Allows you to attract new customers who can then become permanent members of the club.

4. The race of the characters and various competitions. Recently, the popularity of events designed to help you test yourself is growing. And summer is just the time of year when it is convenient to organize and conduct them. Usually they require street locations, so the summer season is just the period that is perfect for such events. The key task is to create a competent marketing campaign to attract as many participants as possible, as well as to motivate coaches who will help to attract new members of the club.

5. Training on the street/outdoor-training. An interesting product here, for example, is a variety of bike rides that can be carried out not only once a season, but also entered into the training plan regularly. They help to diversify classes and eventually increase the level of motivation, which has a positive effect on extensions.

6. Classes in nearby parks. Often, this is a free story for everyone, which allows you to attract new members to the club. Often, they are offered a special limited product, for example, for a short period of time or from several training sessions, which then allows them to sell a long membership.

7. Special training packages aimed at a specific result. There can be an infinite number of options here — lose weight in three weeks, learn to keep well on the water, help your back, and so on. In the summer, many people feel a little freer at work, which often allows them to focus more on solving urgent problems for themselves.

Summing up, we can say that the solution to the problem of the off-season in fitness is to identify the needs of your target audience that are specific to the summer, and form products that will cover these needs. It is important that this should be targeted not only by marketers and sellers, but also by the coaching staff. In the course of communication with their wards, they can effectively identify these needs, which in the future will help marketers form more relevant and saleable products.


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