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Sales from the stage: “pros”, “cons”, warnings

Alexey Milovanov lists the strengths and weaknesses of public sales, talks about the opportunities for business development that open “sales from the stage” – on large forums, round tables, webinars
If you want to be successful and rich, learn how to sell yourself! A modern leader, top Manager, and expert should be a good speaker who can involve himself and his product or service. Today, this competence is an essential component of success. What sales are we talking about when we mean the first person? Let’s first remember which key sales channels exist at the moment, analyze their “pros” and “cons”, consider which of them are recommended to work with the Manager. And also let’s talk about what is a “black mark” for any business and businessman.

Personal sales: meeting with a client face-to-face

“Pros”: financial expenses are reduced to zero, costs are only temporary.

“Cons”: it is more difficult to convey that you are actually a real professional, whose services can be expensive. A long cycle of transactions: seeing that you are ready to meet on its territory at any time, the potential consumer will feel “making a choice”: to take or not to take. And, most often, will not rush. I consider this sales channel to be the weakest.

Partner sales

“Pros”: sales take place without your participation, the level of trust of your customers is high.

“Cons”: it is difficult to attract partners; partners work haphazardly, and can also distort information about your products; expensive: usually the affiliate program implies high rewards.

Sales via the site

“Pros”: this is already a stronger sales channel, warm customers, and the average cost of services.

“Cons”: creating a website, content, design, testing advertising channels costs time and money. A high percentage of potential customers do not reach the purchase. Long transaction cycle.

Sales through public presentations: presentations at conferences, seminars, master classes, webinars

“Pros”: the person who came to the event is a priori interested in your services and is ready for their high cost: he has already “explained” to himself that you are an expert. Low costs: there are many free venues for performances, and there are not enough strong speakers at thematic events. Short cycle of the transaction: listeners do not have the opportunity to make a decision for a long time, they can only do it “here and now”.

“Cons”: you need to be able to create trust in the product or service being sold, convey their value, and know the structure of the selling presentation.

The ability to sell increases the status and brings practical benefits

It is the latter option that is best suited for business leaders. And, you must agree, in this version, to correct the “cons” to “pros” – in your power. By the way, I will immediately dispel the myth that public master classes, webinars and similar public performances can only be used in “selected” areas. This is not true. They work in most business areas.

Modern realities are such that without successful public self-presentation, it is much more difficult to achieve success today. The ability to be a good speaker who can inspire others with his idea, always favorably distinguishes any business owner from competitors and gives an advantage over opponents. A successful performance can help increase the company’s profitability many times over.

A speaker presenting a project or product from a stage or improvised stage is always an artist. They can use various metaphors, make jokes, play games with the audience, ask rhetorical questions that would be inappropriate, for example, in a personal dialogue during a tete-a-tete meeting.

It’s no secret that all the most famous businessmen are excellent speakers, who perfectly possess the skill of public speaking, who are able to fall in love with themselves and involve them in their product. So, Steve jobs ‘presentations were comparable to artists’ performances, after which millions lined up for the new iPhone. One high-quality performance can bring huge sales! If the public recognizes and likes the “face” of the brand, it certainly benefits the business.

In a competitive environment, among other things, the consumer will follow the one who convinced them, attracted them and proved that it is reliable, profitable and interesting to work with them! And these skills are especially important for representatives of the infobusiness!

So what is this-selling performance?

This is a relatively young marketing tool that is gaining huge popularity in the current realities! More and more entrepreneurs use public speaking to present and sell their products. Judge. It’s one thing to shrug off all the annoying cold calls when poor managers call you and impose some thing. Even if you need it, this “buy an elephant” tool has long been discredited. And it’s quite another thing when you:
Consciously (!) of his own choice and initiative (!) come to a free or inexpensive expert lecture on the topic that you are really interested in (!).
In a concentrated form (spending only 1.5-2 hours), you will learn a lot of useful information, working tools, touch on issues of industry development trends, and so on.
And in addition, at the end of the event, if you want to get discounts on cooperation (!).
Of course, any sane customer will always choose the second option. And the expert himself receives a conversion rate from 5 to 30% from such performances.

The main mistake is to think that selling is easy

Everyone tries to speak, but without knowing the principles that exist in the technology of sales from the stage, speakers make a lot of mistakes, which only pushes the potential buyer away from them. And there can be a lot of nuances here:
Ability to manage a group.
The art of answering difficult questions.
Constant contact with the public and knowledge of the mechanisms of involvement.
The possession of techniques of neutralization “sophisticated” audience.
Respect for yourself and your product and the rules that follow from this, such as: take an advance payment, do not distribute paid products for free, and discipline during the event.
And, of course, a well-built self-presentation-a performance with a minute-by-minute thought-out sale that includes the use of trigger anchors.
Trigger in English – “trigger”. These are special techniques that affect a person on an unconscious level, initiating them to the action we need: registering on the site; making a call; provoking them to buy or make a prepayment. Examples of triggers: “discount”, “additional bonus”, “result guarantee”, “willingness to return money if the result is unsatisfactory” , and others.

In short, it is not enough to be a carrier of unique technologies for your potential client to choose you. It is important not only to transmit information, but also to skillfully “sell” yourself, involve yourself in your topic, service or product. How you as a Manager perform at a presentation, seminar, master class, or webinar depends on the clients ‘ decision: whether they will work with you.

“Air sellers” and “self-directed Directors” are not allowed in!

Verdict: in a world of huge competition, consumers need emotions to make a choice. And if there is a magnet person nearby who has something that will make a potential buyer’s life more successful, more efficient, and his business more profitable, he will have no choice: there will always be demand for such an expert. And only then, with cooperation (other things being equal: price, conditions, quality), it will look at the service (level, speed, loyalty) and the quality of services provided.

But there is one point, in the presence of which all of the above will be useless. No matter how charismatic a person is, how successful their speech is, if your product is bad, weak, low — quality and uncompetitive, and you are a self-taught expert, then no tricks will help. Even if you use interesting self-presentation and the ability to “tasty” present yourself and your product will be able to “lure” an entire group to you, remember: glory runs ahead of the person. Word of mouth, reviews, “black lists” – will not be on your side.

Polish the quality, be professional and learn to sell yourself and your child. To do this, study the structure of the selling presentation, which has many nuances and rules. Learn to speak clearly, emotionally, laconically, in the style of non-fiction (skipping stories through yourself).

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