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How do I make effective cold calls?

Vladimir Yakuba shares effective methods of “cold calls” and explains how to get rid of the fear of telephone conversations and learn to respond correctly to refusals
I don’t like the phrase “cold calls”. Association with winter, snow, and the client’s inaccessibility, and this is initially the wrong attitude. Let’s call them warm calls to new customers. Okay? Now to the point. My name is Vladimir Yakuba. today I’m telling you how to sign a contract with 9 out of 10 clients.

How to get rid of the fear of calling a new client?

“Fear is not in danger at all, it is in ourselves” – Stendhal, French writer.

Ponder. Is a phone call really dangerous for you? Well, what can happen to such an emergency if you just dial a number? Nothing. Another thing is if someone climbed into the office window, then Yes, we should be afraid. And this is just a call away.

We’re still worried. Not only that, you don’t think I’m any different. I was worried, too. I remember making my first call in 2003, when I was working for RCGroup. This moment, when the pulse is felt all over the body, the palms are sweating, and the hands are trembling … After the call, I realized that all the experiences were meaningless. And you are now aware of this. And if you can’t completely overcome your fear, then I have three tips.
Put a script in front of you (if it is not in the CRM system) and a cheat sheet with answers to popular objections. The brain will understand that it is insured against unforeseen situations, and the excitement will subside a little.
Practice with a friend / colleague. Let him be your client for a moment. Simulate 2-3 calls.
Don’t rock. Faster you call, the sooner we get rid of fear. If you are a beginner, try to make 10-20 calls one by one.
Fear is your enemy, it makes your voice tremble, your smile disappear, and your customers feel insecure. This greatly affects the result, so take note of these recommendations and fight it.

The correct response to the bounce

If the fears of a call are mainly among beginners or managers who rarely call, then even old-timers have a negative reaction to refusals.

Let’s check you out? Imagine: you call a client Gennady 10 times, who agreed to buy a laptop from you, and he refuses, saying that his wife dissuaded him. What will you feel? If you are offended, annoyed or disappointed, then this section is just for you.

It’s you who think that you will pull a smile and thus hide the irritation. You won’t hide it. Moreover, not only Gennady will notice this, but also the people you will call after him. This also reduces the effectiveness of calls.

How to react correctly? I recommend the formula “MES”, where:
With the situation.
Change your thoughts, which will change your feelings and situations.

Let’s look at the example of the same Gennady. How can I change my thoughts? Just think instead of “How can you! I called him 10 times, and he decided to jump off!”next:” Come on! Wow, what an interesting case. It’s been a long time since this happened. How can I change his mind?”And you are no longer irritated, but interested. Really, how? And you find yourself in a completely different situation. Use it!

“Efficiency” formula for successful sales

Now go to the script. This is the Foundation, the Foundation that everyone should have. The result depends on the script and how well you build your communication.

I suggest a simple three-step scheme:
With this uncomplicated scenario, he sold cucumbers, asphalt, cars, and much more from the stage. So the option is proven. I will tell you about the features of communication at each stage.

Contact. Here you need to show that you are not one of the hundreds of managers who call 200 times and offer something that no one needs. Don’t start talking about who you are, where you are calling from, or why you are calling. Give out this information in a dosed manner:

– Good day!
– Good day!
– Eugene?
— Yeah.
— I’m calling you on a somewhat unusual matter. Do you have a few minutes now?
— Yeah.

Sale. At this stage, try to structure, speak simply and as briefly as possible. No need for “water”. Many companies have been on the market for many years and offer a unique solution. Better this way:

— I’m from Kidslife, and I have two quick questions for you. First: we offer strollers, toys and clothing for children. We are in the TOP 10 companies in Moscow, the manufacturer is Germany, products for children up to 10 years. How interested are you now?
— …
— And then the second question…

It doesn’t matter which two questions you ask. The main thing that comes to your interlocutor’s mind when he hears this is that the conversation will not last long. And managers value their time.

Agreement. You need to end the conversation with an agreement. This will not necessarily be a sale, moreover, in most cases it will not be a sale. Not hurry. Go to the next step. If the person is interested in what you offer, make an appointment. If in doubt, send a commercial offer. If you are not interested at all, just get acquainted and agree on a call in the future, and put a reminder in your calendar. Sooner or later, you will become good friends, and he will buy from you.

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