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How to create a queue on the opening day of a new coffee shop: the Coffee Like experience

Alexey Gusakov shares tips on offline and online preparation for the opening of a new coffee shop, gives successful and unsuccessful examples of marketing and PR techniques
There is a disappointing trend in the HoReCa market: coffee shops opened without a clear business model are quickly closed, having been defeated at the start. To minimize such situations among coffee Like franchisees, we use an algorithm for successfully launching a new point. As a result, there are 600 coffee bars in 134 cities of Russia and the CIS.

In this article, I will tell you in detail about our company’s “Launch” system, which allows you to create a queue for a coffee shop on the opening day. “Launch” covers both offline channels and digital space.

System ” Launch offline»

We start working on attracting the potential audience of the coffee bar in advance-at the stage of choosing a location. It is necessary to gradually warm up people’s interest in a new point so that guests are ready to visit it by the opening.

Developing a habit for potential guests

We place signs about the upcoming opening, while the coffee bar is preparing for launch. This is how the audience gets into the habit of associating a particular place with our brand.
We analyze neighboring locations and create collaborations

In attracting guests, you can’t stay within your own location, you need to capture territories. To do this, we analyze the points of attraction of traffic, such as shopping centers, business centers, educational institutions located near the future coffee bar. If their target audience is the same as ours, we make a presentation of the coffee bar to the management of neighboring establishments. We offer cooperation in the form of special conditions for staff, barter agreements, exchange of handouts, and so on.

Preparing the location and staff for Federal actions

In the Coffee Like network, there are constant promotions to increase loyalty, such as” Hot Hello “and”6th glass as a gift”. Each coffee bar that opens must be equipped with printed materials informing guests about these promotions, and the staff must be trained in the mechanics of their conduct.

We are working on promotions and bonus programs for opening a point

To attract an audience on the opening day, we recommend holding special events. For example, the promotion “2nd glass as a gift” works well. According to statistics, of all the guests who visited the coffee bar on the opening day and took part in the promotion, on average 18% become regular guests of the network. Raffles, tastings, and master classes are very popular during the opening days.

Making out the location for the festive opening

Holiday decorations certainly adds to the interest of people to a new place. We use balloons for this. You can put a photo zone, this will cause additional excitement.

We provide point recognition and ease of navigation

Potential visitors should know in advance how to find us. A system of navigation tools has been developed for this purpose. But before you install them, it is important to study the transport infrastructure of the area, the traffic pattern of urban transport and pedestrians, interchanges and road works plan. This will help you plan your channels of communication with the guest correctly.

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