How to use a promotion mix if your business is related to distribution
Yuri Pavlyuk, speaker and consultant for integrated Internet marketing, shares his experience in promoting a distribution company on social networks and using targeted advertising; explains the benefits of a promotion…

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vintage map wall art
“Give Mark money!” Or How Facebook’s advertising appetites have changed
Last year, the head of Facebook changed the company's mission. Instead of “uniting families and friends” it was “creating a global social infrastructure”. Thus ended the ideological transformation of a…

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Sales from the stage: "pros", "cons", warnings
Alexey Milovanov lists the strengths and weaknesses of public sales, talks about the opportunities for business development that open "sales from the stage" - on large forums, round tables, webinars…

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“Traffic – oil of the XXI century”, or Five strategies for audience monetization

Nikita Sychev shares five strategies for turning the accumulated audience into potential customers-from attracting sponsored publications to producing paid premium content
Traffic – oil of the XXI century. For Internet marketing, this has long been an axiom. Everyone rushed to develop lead deposits. However, unlike the extraction of natural resources, in digital, this process can be carried out repeatedly, turning the audience of your blog into a business asset for playing for a long time.

Tighten into the funnel

As soon as the blog audience is measured in thousands of people, you can think about monetizing it.Of course, first of all, you can turn your blog into the top of the funnel and try to sell your product to the audience or enter into a partnership agreement with marketing platforms, such as Amazon Associates, or companies that carry out online sales. So you can get a percentage of each transaction or earn on the number of views. Affiliate marketing is easy to learn, and it becomes a good source of passive income, which directly depends on the size of the audience. It’s worth trying anyway, because the only resource you risk is time.

If you engage in direct advertising, the risks are added to the reputational damage and outflow of fans: the wrong choice of the advertiser and too Intrusive nature of the publication can harm your blog.

To attract sponsored content

BuzzFeed and the Dodo proved the viability of This model, which videos can be called viral. Brands use their capabilities to produce popular content, and publishers distribute it, while readers feel that the videos and posts are native to them, since the entire style is preserved. So, the owner of a popular blog can become a guide to a large audience for start-up companies and entrepreneurs. This is a story not only about money, but also about the synergy of the efforts of marketers of several teams. The proof of this is that the advertising division of the new York times was able to attract the same attention to paid posts as to the most popular articles in the newspaper itself.

For businesses, this is also an opportunity to attract the best storytellers from among the stars, who have a lot of fans, as audience guides to the brand, and fanatical following of the name is just what any marketer dreams of.

Premium content – for money

Another way to monetize your audience is to offer them additional premium content. As a rule, we are talking about technical documentation or e-books, but it can also be a completely unusual solution — for example, a set of drawing templates for readers of an art blog, or a book with recipes for sprouted wheat dishes for the audience of a HLS blog.

This decision requires more careful and painstaking preparation without any guarantee of success. However, if all goes well, you will be able to earn income from downloading this content for a long time and acquire the image of a real expert.

Internet celebrities can give you a real lesson in selling unique content. Kim Kardashian has launched a mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, where everyone can try themselves as a star, and the mentor will be the Internet diva herself. 100 thousand downloads, in which the minimum “star set” costs $ 4.99, and the maximum is almost $ 20.

To make a bet on kindness

Donation is still alive in the Internet environment. Wikipedia and many social projects live off user donations. You may be surprised, but until 2010, the blogs of crypto enthusiasts were not ashamed to ask for a couple of dozen bitcoins to experiment with digital currencies — and they did!

Those who choose this monetization tool should abandon any advertising campaigns and recognize the volatility, since the public’s preferences are fickle. The audience, in turn, is waiting for transparency-a report on income and spending. Crowdfunding requires real proactive work with subscribers.

Lessons from a blogger

Blog readers can become your students and you can become their coach. For money, of course. Consulting and online training can generate a lot of revenue for a blogger with a name. Moreover, it should be accompanied by the most accurate marketing research.

So, for several years of the blog’s existence, I spent 10 thousand dialogues with users and know more about their pain than the coolest analysts. This is a great platform to Refine your product and test new products. And this is the first active revenue from your audience, for which you really have to work hard, but it is limited in scale.

One-time consultations and classes can be developed into online courses or “multi-part” seminars for the blog audience. It is profitable only if the content is well chosen, reasoned and packaged — this is even more difficult to write a book.

Attracted, held, earned

For most users, blogging seems like a pleasant hobby, but it is actually a job that is not limited to the standard office 8 hours. There is a daily battle to attract a new subscriber and keep it-you produce content yourself and have a constant dialogue with users. And at some point you realize that there is not enough time. However, even when delegating the authority to communicate in a blog, the author must spend at least one day a week “on the front line”, otherwise it is very easy to lose the hard-earned loyalty of the audience, for which many are willing to pay.

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