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How to conduct a memorable webinar: 3 conditions

Natalia Kuzmenko shares three conditions for organizing and preparing an effective webinar that keep listeners until the end of the speech and motivate them to get feedback
Webinars are gaining more and more popularity. Training events, product presentations for customers from different parts of the country, sales events. Webinar can be applied to almost all the rules of a live performance. But there are differences. I will tell you what you need to do to ensure that your listeners stay with you until the end, participate in the interactive process, and take the actions you need.

For myself, I distinguish three components of the webinar:
ClearSwift. What exactly do you want to convey to your audience? What stories and cases will you use to present this information?
Visual. What the speaker looks like, where the light falls, and how clear the presentation is.
Emotional. Submission of information, communication, interactive.
The content part will vary greatly from the purpose of the webinar. But we have not yet come up with anything better than providing information in the form of stories and cases. For my five-year-old daughter, nothing is easier than coming up with a story and telling it to me. We, getting into the adult world, lose this ability. But the effectiveness of storytelling is scientifically confirmed. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), scientists have found that brain activity is higher when we listen to stories.

Components of a good story
There is a hero in history. The hero is the audience. Manager, client, yourself or well-known representatives of your area;
Conflict. The hero finds himself in a difficult situation. He is threatened with bankruptcy, dismissal, business is not going well at work. Conflict can also be with external forces (state, foundations);
Morality. You show how the hero overcame the conflict and what conclusions he made from it. Instead of being fired, the Manager gets a promotion, a new partner is found, thanks to which the bankruptcy did not take place;
Mentor. In the story, there is a “good fairy” who helps the hero overcome obstacles: advice, money. This good fairy can be you, your company and product;
Emotions. Any story is an alternation of positive and negative emotions. Just that everything was good, “Bang” and life went downhill, and then there was a good fairy and everything was better than before. In this case, webinar listeners will follow you, and will not go to the kitchen to finish cooking borsch.
Even if the goal of the webinar is educational and you can’t do without theory, make short inserts from stories. The selling webinar and the product webinar should consist entirely of stories (cases) of your customers.

Here are a few questions to ask existing clients in order to generate the right cases:
What influenced the choice of product?
How did you decide to buy?
What happened during the application?
What changed after the application?
And once again: the hero is your audience. The story should tell about the problems and pains of those people who sit on the other side of the screen. Write down in advance: who will be on the webinar, what he cares about, what his pain, what dreams.

Emotional component

There is an opinion that communication through the screen eats up the speaker’s charisma. For me — it’s just an opinion. It all depends on the desire and preparation of the webinar host. The speaker at the webinar is constrained in his movements, can’t walk around the stage, jump, dance, or attract attention. But he can do all this in the shower. After all, it is your emotional state that participants will read from the computer screen.

Prepare emotionally for each webinar. It can be good music, a movie. Among my friends-the creators of online schools-there are those who watch KVN or Comedy Club before a webinar. There are those who turn off the phone on the day of an important speech, do not read the news, go for a walk for the whole day. Find your rituals. For me, this is communication with children. I relax, smile both externally and internally.

Decide in advance whether you will be reading comments during the content section or whether you will take time to answer questions at the end of the webinar. If there are more than 100 people on the webinar, it becomes difficult to follow the chat. Therefore, I advise you to allocate separate time for questions from participants. Yes, and there is always someone for whom “the sky is not blue enough”. Negative comments are frustrating, even if you understand their absurdity.

Redo all the important things before starting the webinar. Have a drink of water (and put a nice glass next to the workplace), go to the toilet, close Windows and doors, restart the computer, turn off the phone (or put it on vibrate mode), turn off alerts on the computer. Make an appointment with your assistant in advance. This person will monitor the connection, support the chat, and notify you of important comments. In every way to help and support your emotional state.

The webinar has started and it is important for you not to lose the audience’s attention. There are several techniques:
Thank your audience for spending their time with you. Talk about how special they are;
Questions. Every 3-5 minutes, we ask a question. “Who had it? How did you manage?”Who had it, put the number “7” in the chat;
Zadachkas. We give simple tasks, ask participants to respond to the chat. I once gave an investment presentation in reverse. First, I presented the product to the students. And then they laid out the ” pros “and” cons ” of my presentation. Involvement was at the height;
Mindfulness test. You can specifically allow an inaccuracy, a mistake. And ask participants to point it out;
Loop. When at the beginning of a webinar you start telling an interesting story, and the final will be found out by those who will be with you until the end. “I was once at a Tony Robbins training session. And during the break, he comes up to me and reveals the secret of his wealth and irrepressible energy… I Will definitely share the secret with those who will stay with me until the end of the webinar»;
Address all the feelings of the audience. Let them “imagine”, “hear”, “touch”, ” see ” with you. Create a 3D movie experience for them;
Be sure to check the Internet, set up a microphone or a buttonhole. If the sound is lost, the audience will also start to fall off.
Visual component

Speaker, clothing

When a webinar takes place from home, there is a great temptation to go on the air in home clothes. There are infobusinessmen who boast that they sell no worse in pajamas at a webinar than in a business suit.

But a webinar is a performance. Therefore, we must think about our image “from head to toe”. You will see yourself in the window of most webinar platforms. So let this image please you.


For women, it is important to pay attention to the hairstyle, jewelry (long beads that touch the buttonhole; ringing bracelets that can cause interference).


Makeup is important. The camera eats colors, so for a webinar, I advise you to do artistic makeup, highlight your eyes and lips. And a man does not disdain the powder and remove the greasy Shine from his face.


The webinar background should be plain and preferably white. The background is distracting, and participants start looking at your curtains and objects behind your back. Therefore, choose a place for the webinar in advance.


The easiest way is to direct the light of a table lamp at your face. Good light gives an even complexion.


The most important rule: do no harm. The presentation should help the speaker to identify the important points, to explain, but not to distract. One thought — one slide. If you feel that you are starting to develop another idea, add a new slide. There is nothing worse than a webinar listener reading from the screen.

For a presentation, it is best to use a white background, a black color for the main text, and a single contrasting color to highlight important thoughts.

It is best to visualize ideas using photos. The main thing is to monitor the quality of the photo and select non-banal images. For example, to visualize a team, you should not put photos of unnatural smiling people from stock photos. Think of metaphors — a football team, an anthill.

Photos are taken here:
Study the webinar platform in advance. Often, the window with the speaker’s face is located in the upper-right corner of the presentation. Therefore, we do not place information in this part of the presentation.

Well, as the most famous investor guy Kawasaki says — ” a Demo of a product is better than a thousand slides.” If you can show your product, tell cases of people who use it-do it.

Thanks to webinars, we get access to the knowledge of experts from different parts of the world. Three components of the webinar: content, emotional, and visual will help you achieve the goal of the webinar and not give up on it in the process. Use my cheat sheet, add your life hacks and make the best webinars.

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