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What to do with an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct” and Google Ads during the holidays

What to do with an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct” and Google Ads during the holidays
How can businesses prepare their advertising campaigns in Yandex in time?Direct” and Google Ads for long holidays — should I change the ad texts, adjust the budget, or do I need to turn it off so as not to waste money? A new article is devoted to these issues
In the previous article, we already talked about how to make a new year’s announcement and when to start preparing. But with the chiming of the chimes, the demand for seasonal goods and services does not end, and in some subjects, the most active sales begin — restaurants, entertainment centers, and so on. People have a lot of free time to explore online shopping sites and visit offline outlets. What should companies do if they want to attract customers on public holidays and do not miss applications that arrive at this time?

If you are in a seasonal business, you know how important it is to handle high demand right here and now. All missed calls, missing product items, or late delivery of a service of interest to the client lead to a negative reaction of the target audience and loss of potential profit. And if you attract users to your online store through advertising channels, then also the money you spent on promotion.

Who needs to be careful

First of all, those who work in the field of entertainment and food. For example, the demand for jewelry falls in comparison with the pre-holiday period, because most of the gifts have already been made, while restaurants and cafes simply move to a new stage — instead of corporate events, sold-out events begin in the evenings.

You can make an erroneous conclusion that customers will come themselves, refusing any advertising channels. But in large cities, the competition is very high, and the customer is picky — either you are already a recognizable brand, or you need to try to attract the audience with non-standard solutions: thematic innovations in the menu, discounts for large companies, and so on.

Second, stores with offline outlets in shopping centers. As well as companies that sell similar products on the Internet with the best prices. The number of people in large shopping centers, such as MEGA, increases several times during holidays. Many come without a specific goal, someone after the movie plans to go shopping. In General, potential customers in a festive mood will study the products of different brands.

But not everyone will want to spend this amount right away. Some people will return home, open a search engine and write the name of the product they like in the offline store with the keyword “buy” to find a cheaper option. This is a great opportunity for an online store that sells a similar product without a markup to buy high positions for an ad by writing in it about the amount of the discount.

Third, sellers of electronics, sporting goods and home goods that continue to purchase after the holiday with money donated for the New year. This is a common practice that must be taken into account when planning an advertising campaign.

What to consider and adjust

To avoid mistakes that will lead to a loss of advertising budget, but not to the growth of customers, keep in mind three important factors for the success of the holiday campaign:

Texts and creatives

They should be related to the New year: offers, discounts, dates, and so on. You can’t have your new year’s eve discount appear in the ad text at the beginning of January or invite you to an event that has already passed.

Replacing old ads with new ones doesn’t take much time with a well — designed account structure and ad campaign-when everything is segmented and clear, one group has “promotional” ads marked with labels for convenience, in addition to the usual ones. Everything is individual, and even depends on the speed of the computer, but on average, if nothing distracts, you can change ads in 1-2 hours.

Of course, if the account is large — 100-200-300 + advertising campaigns, this process will take several times more hours. Also, the promotion can be for each product group separately — in this case, it will take more time than for one ad text for all.

Landing pages

Corresponding to holiday dates and events, so that when you go to your site in the first days of January, the user does not meet a large advertising banner with Santa Claus and the slogan ” Happy new year!”, and in the catalog there was no mark “the action is valid until December 31”.
This information was not available after December 25

Online stores change ad texts, but often forget to correct the text on the site, because it is responsible for another specialist who is resting during the holidays. As a result, the customer places an order with a discount, after the holidays learns about an error that causes the promotion to not work, gets upset and goes to competitors. It is better to spend a couple of hours on adjustments than to lose customers and get negative about the brand.

Rates and spending limits

During the days of promotions, conversion, sales, and competition increase, and budgets and bids increase accordingly. It all depends on the subject, for example, the demand for pyrotechnics on holidays increases almost 10 times.

If you hold high positions with an additional budget, then the number of sales will go up because of the additional coverage. When the audience is hot and the purchasing power increases, the conversion rate also increases. How much depends on the subject of your business and the indicators of the norm. For example, in our experience, 1% can grow to 1.4-1.8%, and 5% to 7-8%.

It is better to leave your ad campaign in standard mode or reduce your budget when you are working on holidays and delivering goods. Now you don’t need to overheat the market and fight for the first placements. Average bids may drop, as many will stop advertising. And taking into account the cost of the first special placement and its difference from 2-3 (it is often much more expensive, while it may not give a large profit on sales, clicks and conversions), there will be an overpayment per click.


The time it takes to make adjustments to advertising campaigns depends on the categories of your services. Some products people choose two months before the holiday-jewelry, appliances, and some for one or two weeks-Souvenirs, ordering food at home, pyrotechnics, and so on.

What to do:
forecast an increase in coverage and budget for an advertising campaign during the holidays;
make adjustments to creatives — add promotions, special offers, and so on;
change the texts and headlines of ads to more emotional ones that contain pre-holiday slogans: “in the new year, have time…”, “Start the new year with…”and so on;
adjust the content on the landing page;
select additional semantics for the holiday.
The size of the budget depends on the category of products you sell. For example, for seasonal products, the budget increases several times, but at the same time, conversion and sales increase. In non-seasonal topics — IT outsourcing, renting dresses, cottages that are looking for either before or after the holidays, you need to reduce the budget or stop campaigns for a while.

For example, we stop advertising our client who sells building materials for holidays — other audience priorities are not in season, they do not deliver on holidays. Calls are expensive, so it makes no sense for us to promote the company in the first days of January.

You should not stop the advertising campaign if you know from the analysis of previous years that requests are received on public holidays. There will be few applications, but their cost will not increase. January is already a dead month — every request is important.

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